this is a list of my favourite things! feel free to add your own favourite things to it, but DO NOT delete anything unless you put it up yourself. also, put your favourite things in a new section so viewers know which people like what.


My favourite band is Big Time Rush

my celebrity crushes are Logan Henderson and Kendall Schmidt

my favourite female actresses are Georgia Locke (Sadie J, CBBC comedy), Dani Harmer (Tracy Beaker, CBBC drama and Dani's house, CBBC comedy), Victoria Justice (Victorious, nickelodeon comedy), Miranda Cosgrove (icarly, nickelodeon comedy), Ciara Bravo (big time rush, nickelodeon comedy), Ramona Marques (outnumbered, BBC comedy) and Emma Watson (Harry Potter, Movie).

my favourite tv shows are Big Time Rush (comedy, nickeodeon), doctor who (drama, BBC) Victorious (comedy, nickelodeon), icarly (comedy, nickelodeon), Sadie J (comedy, CBBC), pixelface (comedy, CBBC), and Dani's house (comedy, CBBC).

my favourite tv show characters are Logan Mitchell (Big time rush), Spencer Shay (icarly), Cat Valentine (victorious), Sadie Jenkins (Sadie J), Max Harmer (Dani's house), Clairparker (pixelface) and Katie Knight (Big time rush).

my favourite songs are Time of our life (BTR), satellite (lena), fairytale (alexander rybak), worldwide (BTR), make it shine (victorious), BFB (victorious), beggin on your knees (victorious), if i ruled the world (BTR), Katy on a mission (Katy B), i want you to (weezer) starry eyed (Ellie Goulding) and guns and horses (Ellie Goulding)

My favourite foods are chocolate, mcdonalds, pizza, spaghetti bolegneise and chicken.